Haseeb Elahi


Hi, I'm Haseeb, a software engineer at Conrad Labs, a launchpad for startups mainly based in Austin, TX. I usually work full stack on some cool web & cloud-based products (currently engaged with this one). My usual day involves writing Javascript/Typescript code, tweaking CSS styles, developing APIs, making the code clean, reusable and extendable and scouring through databases.

I sometimes try to find and explore interesting patterns in data, particularly the tons of it we generate on the internet daily through our use of social media and other online services. Please go ahead and have a look at my article on the location data Facebook has for a single user.

I find history and human psychology very interesting and most of the time I spend reading/listening (books, articles, podcasts) is usually related to these two. I am a big fan of crime shows as well, mainly due to my interest in criminal psychology and behaviors.

I usually share my daily opinions (read rants) on tech, sports and politics here, if you are interested :)